October 03, 2006

exciting discoveries

so last night as christopher and i were about to turn the light out and go into sweet sleep, he looked down at the sheets and stared. i said "what?" and when he said "nothing...don't look!" i BOLTED from under the covers whining "what?! what?! what is it?!?!" *sigh* it was a freshly squished spider. i'm not kidding. i've been waiting for it to happen, but i don't think i ever really thought it would happen. i mean, i am BEYOND THANKFUL that it was squished and not crawling around and at large, but still. needless to say, i didn't sleep very well. i think i woke us both up smacking chris repeatedly thinking i was smashing a spider (seriously). *sigh* so that's new. not to mention the GIANT roach and GIANT spider we killed in the past couple days in the middle of the living room floor....*sigh*

in other news, i have a friend who's having surgery tomorrow and i made a laid back mix cd for her last night. it has the following artists on it: jill phillips, sunvolt, tin hat trio, inga swearingen, paul simon, pierce pettis, mùm, dar williams, andrew peterson, gillian welch, bobby mcferrin, vigilantes of love, paul simon, and laura story. aren't you jealous?! raise your hand if you want a copy.

ps - happy derek?! :-P


Blogger Derek Conrad Brown said...

Your friend is having surgery with all of those artists? That seems odd. Is he having his surgery in Hollywood or Nashville? :)

10:25 AM  

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