September 22, 2006


first of all, let me say WELCOME FALL!!! today is officially the first day of fall. goodbye hot, hot summer!! hello jeans and jackets and sweaters and down comforters and hot chocolate!!!!

michael gregory!! the man, the missionary.
michael graduated from auburn this past spring and headed off to be a missionary "somewhere east of here" a few weeks ago. amazing! God has already done really awesome stuff in his life, from what i hear - led at least one person to Christ. he said (well, jency said he said) that it was like a light came on in the man's eyes. incredible. jency also introduced me to his almost-never updated blog, but it's a blog nonetheless. go visit it here! or you may also use the link over there to the left cleverly entitled "michael" under "blog stuff".

in other news, i just ate WAY the heck too much dessert. it was a "faculty and staff appreciation lunch" given by the moms of a couple of graduating classes. it was barbeque - dang good barbeque at that - and the desserts, i believe, were provided by the moms themselves. so they were all homemade and stuff. and i just kept eating...and now i feel like i could roll all the way home. bluh! full me.

okay. obviously, i've been busy at the posting today. give me a break. it's only 2:20 and i feel like it should be 10 at night, and it's raining, and i'm freezing. i'm about to turn my little space heater on. brrr...

in more other news, if you enjoyed the live eagle cam from a few months ago, you might really enjoy the AFRICAM. it's a live streaming of a natural water hole in africa. dang. i'm so addicted. the good part (well, bad for my curious eyes, good for my job) is that by about 1 or 2 my time, everyone there is asleep. so i can only watch in the mornings.

that should be enough rambling for one day...


Blogger Derek Conrad Brown said...

I visited the AFRICAM. The high pitched squawks of the birds nearly left me deaf. I saw lots of buffalo type animals and some zebras and birds. But man, the one animal I wanted to see was nowhere to be seen... where are the freakin ligers?! I like them because of their special powers.

12:47 AM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

good one kiddo. good one.

2:33 PM  

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