September 06, 2006


JENNIFER GLASS!!! okay everyone. welcome her to the blogging world. you must experience her latest entry entitled "head on". it's absolutely brilliant!!!

in other news, andrew peterson is currently offering his latest cd the far country for two dollars. you must buy five or ten copies of it to get that price, but come on!!! five cds for 10 bucks?! do it now b/c he's only doing it for two weeks. we're in the middle of the first week. go now. immediately!

in more other news, i sliced my thumb yesterday while attempting to open a box with my key. usually not a horrible idea, but this time, it got me. and it wasn't just my thumb. the edge of the cardboard lodged underneath my thumbnail and said "SLICE! HAHA!" i don't know if it's a cardboard-cut or if it just separated the nail from the skin. either way, it bled like crazy, woke me up last night throbbing, and the entire upper joint is slightly swollen, slightly blue today and ridiculously sore. ow. not recommended.

in still more news, go read the Bible. seriously. it's richer and full of more life that you can dare dream. i recommend 1 john. then matthew. then the psalms. go. seriously.


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