August 01, 2006

over and done with

*whew* the summer of weddings is OVER!!! i mean, the summer isn't over...but all the weddings are!!! officially all of my friends who were going to get married this summer (including me) are married!!! HOORAY!!!

daniel and kirby's wedding was gorgeous and sweet. the pictures are on our computer at home...maybe one day i'll post some. mark and beth's wedding was absolutely fabulous. those pictures are still trapped inside the camera, but i shall probably post some soon. another friend got married this past saturday, and i would be most appreciative of being led to seeing some of those pictures as well....PLEASE?????? and, sorry everyone, but our wedding was the most fabulous, most sacred of them all. hands down. God is so good!

and beth's bouquet is officially ready and mailed and sent and gone to be preserved!!!! *whew* story to come later. i'm too weary right now...


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