July 28, 2006


well, here i am. it's past 4:00 and i'm still sitting in my office. i was going to try to even leave a few minutes early...why am i still here you ask? RAIN! it's been so hot lately and we've needed rain so badly, but why oh why did it have to come the moment i was about to step outside?! i'm all fancied up to go to beth's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner or i wouldn't really care that much. but a downpour with semi-done hair and semi-high heels just don't mix. *sigh* it looks like it will pass soon.

in other news, tonight we get to hang out with the clelands, the newleyweds!!! i can't wait to see if they're as cheesy, more cheesy, or less cheesy than they always were around each other before they were married...

okay. i'm officially out of things to talk about and i'm bored. i'll go check out sierra trading post and see what bargains they have for me...


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