August 16, 2006

mccallie reception

here's a few shots from our reception in the beautiful mccallie dining hall! (i have friends who are interested in seeing them - so rather than emailing the giant things, i just posted them here...hooray!) you can click on each picture to make it bigger. enjoy!

coming in! that corner of food you can see in the background is the northwest corner - they had food stations set up in the northwest, northeast, and southwest corners.

here's a shot of pretty much the whole room. we had about 350 people at the wedding...a bit fewer at the reception. so there was plenty of sitting room even with the big area left clear (seen in the picture above)

we didn't have dancing but we did this for 2 seconds before leaving (that's why no one is in the background!) you can sort of see the layout of the room. (that back corner was the kids table - covered it in white butcher paper, gave them markers and various other things to keep them occupied!)

here's the brides cake table. we provided the cloth and flowers and stands, but they set it all up. we were BEYOND pleased! (the cake is from jackson's bakery and is SO affordable and it was ridiculously delicious!)

just for fun, here's the groom's cake from jackson's as well. (chris plays music - that's why there's musical notes on it) again, ridiculously delicious!!! (they give free samples, too!) :)

being able to spill outside was really nice. there's a little covered area too.

we had most of our pictures taken on the patio.

we left through bubbles - the front doors are a great location for people to line up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple!!!!


9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, rollwagen looks hot! :)


7:08 PM  

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