September 14, 2006

montreat, nc!

see site number 4? that's ours!! well, that's not entirely true. but we do get to use it for my fall break! i get friday and monday off, october 13-16. chris will take friday off, we'll head over there on thursday after work! HOORAY! i'm so excited i can't really concentrate. montreat is a wonderful little town. i went there a few years back with some dear friends that had a house there (or had access to a house...i can't exactly remember) and have actually been back a couple of times by myself. it's a special place. i can't wait to show chris around!!

in other news, some advice for you, the reader. don't try to rub stickiness off of scissor blades with your thumb, no matter how careful you think you can be. it will cut you.

in more other news, artemis fowl is an excellent audio book. carrie rollwagen forced christopher and i to borrow her copy, and we're highly addicted. we just started the fifth and last cd, and i'm kind of sad. no worries though! it's a series!!!


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