September 11, 2006


it's a stormy time in my life right now. not only do i not have time to write about all that's going on, i just don't want to go into a lot of detail about what's going on b/c it involves other people. if you're the praying kind (which i highly recommend, by the way - to God, no one else...) please lift a prayer or two up on my behalf, and all those involved. God knows...don't worry.

in other news, central park burgers are weird. at least, the ones we ate today were really strange...i'm almost expecting to get sick...and the fries were cold. BLEH!


Blogger ImaMommie said...

Prayer is Powerful. You are in my prayers. Whatever it is you need, the Lord knows. Keep smiling! Keep blogging! :o)

6:17 PM  

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