September 08, 2006

Liz Lindstrom McGehee

liz. this girl is amazing. we met at camp vesper point in the summer of 1998 (1999? uh oh. i really don't remember...) but we've known each other for a while. she got married 3 years ago and they moved to AZ. you'll have to read her bio to find out more. (the picture to the left isn't one of her paintings or's a photograph...i think...)

i'm not really good at reviewing people's artistic work, so i'm just gonna post a few of her pictures to show you what an amazingly talented woman we're dealing with. this is one her paintings titled At The Mirror.

and this one is a conte' sketch (or drawing, or's done with conte'!) called Lucy. it's my favorite conte' of hers.

liz has an amazing laugh. i wish more than anything that i had a clip of her laugh b/c you would all fall in love with her! i remember when chris was in "footloose" in high school. afterward, chris and liz found each other and he said "i heard you laughing while i was on stage!!! i didn't know you were coming!!!" he said he was just acting away and looked up and said to himself, "hey! liz is here!!" haha!!

a few years ago on a spring break young life trip - shoot, back in 2001, i think - we were work crew heads together and had a BLAST! (hahaa! i remember talking to her about liking christopher!!! (he was still in high school...eew...)) on the bus on the way back, she went around and sketched people in, like, a minute, and they looked EXACTLY like them. it was freaky. it freaked just about everyone out. this girl is GOOD!
this one is charcoal and is titled Elizabeth - it's a self portait. don't fall in love, boys. remember, she's happily married. :)

so anyway, the point of this little tribute is that liz is in town (HOORAY!) and for those of you who live in this town and either know her or want to see some dang good art, come to the Gold Leaf Art Gallery this saturday, sept 9, from 4 to 8pm. she's having an art show!!! i'm super excited. i've seen a few of her pieces in person, but not anything recent. not to mention i get to hug her neck!!!! i'm so excited, i can barely concentrate on work!!!

in other news, nothing else matters right now. go liz!


Blogger ImaMommie said...

From an amateur to a professional artist, Liz, those are amazing! You are extremely talented!!!

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