September 22, 2006

wheeled machines

chris and i went biking AGAIN! it was dadgumbeautiful the other day - well, every day this week, really - and after work i said "let's not do laundry! let's go biking!" and he said "okay, wife!" so we rode down our VERY steep hill...i was a bit scared, and very thankful for brakes. our goal was to do the entire riverwalk since they've just recently completed it all the way from the waterfront to the dam. that's far!! probably 8 miles. we made it halfway...maybe. i got tired! and hungry. surprisingly, the gnats i kept swallowing weren't curbing my appetite. oh well. the ride back was just as nice as the ride there, until we crossed the bridge. about halfway across i called out to chris, "i'm experiencing a great amount of dread!!!" the blasted hill lay before us. *sigh* chris said he was going to try to make it up at least some of it. i wasn't even going to try. my legs and lungs were burning. walking up while pushing a bike was enough of a strain.

so we make it to the end of the bridge and are waiting for our green signal when who should pull up beside us but the crazy unicycling guy. the light turned green, all three of us start to ride across. it takes the crazy unicycling guy a bit longer to mount his vehicle, and just as i'm giving up and dismounting my bike, the crazy unicycle guy passes me. going uphill. on a unicycle. granted, i was not technically moving at the time, but he would have been passing me even if i had been walking. he has the nerve to look at me and say "what? you mean you can't push? i don't even have gears!!" *sigh* it was absolutely ridiculous. OF ALL PEOPLE and OF ALL TIMES for him to pass me. i looked up from my puddle of discouagement and burning muscles to see the crazy unicycle guy steadily climbing the steepest hill in chattanooga and my husband lightyears ahead of me doing just the same. insane. all you people are insane!!!!

in other news, tonight we're going to see the wizard of oz with chris' parents. i'm excited!!!

in more other news, my new ski jacket came in the mail yesterday. hooray!! i love it. it's blue. real blue. it's supposed to rain today, so i zipped out the liner and wore my new blue raincoat that's actually waterPROOF!! my old raincoat would pretty much just absorb the water that hit it leaving me damp, cold and itchy. ski slopes, here i come! well, not until march, but still!!!


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