September 15, 2006

big BOO

i am here to take the time to officially BOO jennifer glass's new blog. okay fine. not the entire blog. just the commenting section. i have not been able to post comments to the latest and greatest entry, and i'm growing weary of trying. so i shall post the windows that i continue to receive to prove that i am not crazy, and maybe someone can tell me what the heck is going on!

what you see here is what happens when i originally click on her "post a comment". i don't get this little window for anyone else's blogger blog. i always click yes.

now you see that i have entered my clever and interesting comment and pressed the "tab" button. history has proven this to take my cursor directly into the word verification field so i could type the nonsense that appears above it. rather, it has taken my cursor to the "handicap" button. so i take my mouse and click into the word verification space. in this instance, i entered "euhatejs". didn't work. i even tried using the handicap button - it spoke numbers to me and i entered them. please see the next picture...

this picture shows what happens once i've entered the jibberish word verification, my username and password and then pressed "publish your comment". again, i get this little window with no other blogger blogs. i click yes and...

BOOM! no dice! what's happening! my gut tells me that it has something to do with the fact that the address in this picture says "beta blocker". i'm thinking the firewall here at work is blocking something on jglass' blog. has she put a special setting on her comments? a special setting like "BLOCK LYNDSAY"!!!!

*sigh* alas. someone help, please! i must be able to post on jglass' blog. snide remarks are what make a blog fun, right?! right?!?!


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