September 18, 2006

locks, bikes, and canons

we biked yesterday!! but before we could do anything, we had to go buy new helmets and a new bike lock. on the way to the battlefield - awesome place to ride - i was going to set the lock. it's an adjustable combination lock, so the number can be anything you want. i followed the directions to a tea. (or is it "to a tee"?....) i rotated the little red buttons, set the numbers to what we wanted, moved the red buttons back without moving the numbers, inserted the lock back into itself, scrambled the numbers, set it back to the combination, and...nothing. dead locked. *sigh* i must have accidentally moved on of the numbers while moving the red buttons back. nope. tried everything. for about half an hour. nothing. locked. broken. destroyed!! we bought another one before going home that uses a KEY instead. good idea.

the battlefield is awesome. and the weather yesterday was even awesomer. riding under all those trees produced the perfect breeze on an already cooler-than-usual day. and after chris told me that my seat was too low - that my legs were supposed to be almost extending to their full length on the down peddle - my legs stopped burning, and it was actually FUN!!! :)

before we went riding, we got a call from my mom saying that lila's birthday party was at 6:30 - exactly when our class (to join the church) at church started that we've been waiting to start ever since we got married (that's 3.5 months). *sigh* i don't ever get to see that little girl (she's my cousin's daughter - just turned 2) so we decided that chris would go to the class and take notes and i would go see lila. lila goes through these phases of wanting to spend time with one person when they're around - last night it was ME! teehee! she kept saying "i go see lisseee!" and she would come sit in my lap. it was AMAZING! and so therapeutic. what a precious family. i love them.

in other news, there's a chance i might be sick. it's at that stage where if i am indeed getting sick but i went home and slept all day, i probably wouldn't get sick. but if i run around and keep my body going, i'm going to be out for a while. but it might just be allergies, so i'm hesitant to just go home. ah well. i'll just drink my green tea like a good girl...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give us more of your entertaining and humorous insights and experiences, Lyndsay!!!

I love you.

Saw your bro the other day.

jay are

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