October 26, 2006

spiders abound

as some of you know, christopher and i have fought the spider battle the past few months of living in this little apartment of ours. now that the weather is a bit cooler, we thought for sure we had won the battle since we hadn't seen any lately. this morning while christopher was in the shower, i was getting dressed, pulled my pants out of my closet and laid them on the bed. i saw something on them and said "BLAST! they're dirty!" only to discover that it was not blessed, beautiful, non-venomous dirt, but a blasted, cursed, and soon-to-be-squashed spider. not only did the spider have enough nerve to camp out on my pants, he had actually spun a web ON my pants. *sigh* thankfully, he didn't run away when he was exposed. rather, he surrendered to the bottom of my shoe, and the web came off easily with no lingering effects. *sigh* i'm telling you people. shake your clothes out before you put them on!! always!!

in other news, a good friend left a message with me this morning that her mom is in the hospital here in chatt-town. my friend lives pretty far away, and she wants me to go visit her mom tomorrow. she was there for minor surgery and it turned into a "major problem" - but everything's going to be okay. dangit hospitals. pray for her and her family if you think about them today. we'll go see her tomorrow, and i'll update the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Chapel Hill, Shelly and I constantly waged war on (and I am not kidding) flying roaches. Maybe they weren't actually roaches, but they were big as butterflies and would zoom away if spooked. It usually went like this: one would crawl out of an underwear drawer, Shelly would scream, I would run to her with a plastic cup, jail the roach in the cup, and bend over, walking it to the front door where I would unceremniously flip it into the great out-of-doors. This is because squashing it would have left a far bigger mess on my shoe than I was willing to clean. I feel your pain, sister.

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