October 24, 2006

my hobby

HOORAY! okay i admit. i'm copying this from an email i just sent to my previous nanowrimo writing buddy b/c i don't have time to write it again. so yes, carrie, this does look familiar...so there...

lately chris has been playing the guitar A LOT. it's like, suddenly he's addicted to it. and i'm SO GLAD! what's good about it is that he wants to play, i want him to play b/c i want him to get better and write more songs, and when it's time to do something - like eat or help make dinner, clean the dishes, leave for work, etc - he stops. so it's not like he's freaky psycho about it. anyway, last night he said "i'm torn, b/c i love playing guitar, but i'm afraid it's making you more idle..." AND IT'S SO TRUE!!! whenever he's playing, lately i'm usually on facebook, and that's just disgusting. so i said "YOU'RE RIGHT!!! i need a hobby..." and we brainstormed about what hobbies i could do (besides the ones i used to adore that i can't do anymore b/c of my stupid arms...quiliting, journalling, etc...) and we said things like painting, playing harmonica (hah), and some other things. then, while going to sleep, it suddenly hit me. NANOWRIMO!!!!

for the uneducated, that stands for National Novel Writing Month. and why should i tell you about it when you can read about it here? carrie and i did it and both FINISHED two novembers ago. we both started to do it last november but both ran into unavoidable obstacles that stopped us. this year, carrie and some other friends did it and FINISHED this past...uh oh...was it may? nanowrimo officially says that you can do it whenver you want to, it just has to be one month, and the official national month is november.

so. i think i'm going to try to do it this year. yes, i'm busier than i've ever been. but that makes it more fun, right? and i thought about using the story that i already have about 2000 words on from last year, but i thought "no. a) that's cheating, and b) i want to go a different direction" SO I'M EXCITED!!! if anyone wants to offer their encouragement to keep going since there won't be anyone else around me doing it, i would be most appreciative. even a "how's the novel coming" email or blog comment would help. unless...hmm...unless i can find another crazy person in chattanooga. interesting...i'll get back to you on that one.....but still encourage. even if i find someone else to do it with me...any takers? it really is a LOT more fun than you think it will be.

in other news, i'm starving. okay, not really. but my tummy is rumbly. and i have nothing to dine upon. suzanne says she will cover the phones any time today...i might see if i can go soon. as in, now...

in more other news, this morning we woke up and the weather channel said it was THIRTY THREE DEGREES!!! WAHOOO!!!!! i'm so super pumped about cold weather this year. i'm really ready for it.

okay that's all.


Blogger Penless Artist said...

This is really a neat idea -- I've never heard of it. Timeboxing something so huge as writing a novel might just be the perfect way to overcome ones resistance to getting started. Thanks for the great idea and the inspiration!

10:50 AM  

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