October 03, 2006

four months!

we've been married four months today!! neither of us even remembered. i mean, while we were in each other's presence at least. in honor of being four months this side of our wedding, i shall revisit what was happening four months that side of our wedding. february 2006 - this was happening. OH MY GOODNESS! now that i'm finished laughing hysterically, i'm thanking God that i have such good friends as jency franklin, my maid of honor, who are bold and loving enough to stop a crazy bride from making such a horrible mistake. i'm talking about the dresses, not the flowers and poem my precious fiance' at the time brought me. that was pretty sweet, as in "nice and thoughtful" and in "totally awesome, dude!"

anyway, dear jency, bridesmaid of the year who prevented such a disastrous thing of ugly dresses taking part in my wedding, this one's for you! hear! hear!! *clink*


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