October 17, 2006


working at a school...ah, breaks! chris took friday off and we headed out to montreat, nc, to do a bit of camping and hiking. we encountered: a campsite five feet away from a mountain stream, threats of black bears, numb toes one night, warm toes the next, delicious hot dogs roasted over open flame, the beauty of taking a starter log camping even though it's cheating (so is using a lighter, right?!), the most difficult hike of my life, and the most breath-taking view of my life. enjoy the pictures!!

the nantahala on the way up.

the stream beside our campsite

our campsite!

build that fire, mountain man!!

double-fistin' the dogs! or as chris says, "lyndsay's in the kitchen, as usual!!"

overlooking the most majestic view my eyes have ever seen. seriously. it's called "walker's knob" high atop greybeard mountain. that's what we get for walking uphill for 2 hours!!


chris checking out the view.

we hung the camera in a tree and took this one :)

montreat! my goodness we had a great time.


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