November 03, 2006


check out number 1,275!! this is him running the louisville marathon in october. his time was 3:49:45 - that's twenty six miles in three hours, forty nine minutes and forty five seconds!! he came in 12th (out of 25) in his age group and 87th )out of 281)!!! absolutely astonishing.

honestly, the thought just went through my head "why would anyone ever run a marathon?!" and then, as if the pencil-laden marathon runner jumped off the nanowrimo website and rebuked me, i thought "sort of reminds you of writing 50,000 words in a month, doesn't it?!"

*look to the left at the national novel writing month logo*

sad story. forrest has run SEVERAL marathons, and most of them are out of town. the ONE TIME he ran in town, i made a special point to make sure i could be there at the finish line. i showed up at the chickamauga dam in what i thought was plenty of time...not ONE car was in the parking lot. i called mom and she said "we're at the chickamauga battlefield, where are you?!" i burst into tears. literally. i floored it and tried to make it, but the phone rang when i was about 15 minutes away and it was mom with forrest who had just finished. *sigh* it was horrible for me. forrest doesn't understand why i was so upset. i'm emotional! and i wanted to see my big brother finish a marathon!! dangit i'm proud of him. he's running another on sometime in december. go forrest!!!!

in other news, happy five month anniversary to chris and me!!! :) :) :)


Blogger ImaMommie said...

Happy 5 month YAY! holy cow time flies! :o)

CONGRATS to Forrest! That's so cool... Hey and don't feel bad about not being there when he ran. All your emotions are making me want to cry b/c I feel so bad that YOU feel so bad! You are an awesome girl for going through all that trouble just to see your bro run AND for not giving up and just going back home when you found out you were at the wrong place.

YOU ARE AWESOME! :o) Just thought i'd let you know :o)

12:22 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

RUN, Forrest, RUN!

(c'mon, you were all thinking it)

10:00 PM  

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