November 10, 2006

she said YES!!

FINALLY!!! <-- click that.

in other news, i ordered the cutest shoes ever (in black) and they came in today. i hurridly opened the package excited to see if i liked them as much as i hoped i would, but my heart sank as i put one foot forward and the backs proceeded to fall off. in fact, i could have fit the state of iowa in the space between the back of the shoe and my heel. i controlled my wanting-to-curse tongue and said "oh MAN!!!" and checked the size. sure enough - 7.5. i took them to suzanne who wears a 9.5 and they fit her. *sigh* bummer. no wonder they were the last pair. so i'm sending them back with a little note that says "dude! these are sized wrong! for the love of pete, don't sell them to another 7.5-footed woman!!" well, maybe not in those exact words, but close.

dogs are visiting my school, i receive incorrectly sized shoes, my friends are getting engaged - my goodness. it was an exciting day. exciting or boring. either one. whatever it was, it's friday and we have NO PLANS and it's actually a good thing. chris and i have been so busy the past few months that we're looking forward to a night of nothing. well, i'll be writing my novel!!!!!!! my word count is WAY below quota.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep on writing dear Lyndsay! You are doing great.

I love looking at the counter everytime I read here, and see that the count is UP!!!!! Go girl!

You can do it... Will you let us read about your novel after you are finished? How 'bout at least an excerpt?
I love you!
jay are

1:36 PM  

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