December 14, 2006

blogger shall die

i like blogging. i really do. for some strange reason i enjoy typing up thoughts and experiences for the whole world to read. but i'm really starting to hate blogger. it won't let me post pictures, it won't let me post comments on my friend's blog, i really think it hates me. and what's with the blogger beta stuff? it wants me to switch to the beta version, whatever that is, and i don't want to. i don't even know what it is, but i don't want to do it just because it's telling me to. how's that for a defiant personality??? maybe it's slowly taking away my privileges and will keep doing so until i make the switch. i have one thing to say to that: BOOO!

in other news, WE'RE GOING SKIING!!!! i get a lovely spring break, and chris has lots of paid time off, so he's taking off when i'm off and we're heading to colorado. we reserved the room at the bnb ($80 a night, baby!!) and we got airline tickets today ($294 round trip for BOTH of us!!!!) halleluia. i'm telling you, i'm so excited, i can barely concentrate on work. (well, i can barely concentrate on work anyway...) chris has never been skiing before, and i've been a bunch, but not in the past 4 years or so. so it will be FUN to get back out there and teach the love of my life a little bit of what i adore and see the sights and breathe the beautifully crisp colorado mountain air and see the gorgeous and humongously clear colorado stars. i am SO excited!!!!

okay. my arms hurt and i must go do some filing before i leave this place. raise your hand if you're really wishing it were COLDER??? (today's high was 68!!)

*edit* okay, so as soon as i posted this originally, i went to switch to the beta version (yeah, i'm an idiot for complaining about it...) and i clicked whatever i needed to to sign me in so they could switch me and the new window said "blocked" (i'm at work) and the reason was "sex" ME???? what the crap? see???? i TOLD you the beta version was BAD!!!!


Blogger jennifer said...

Well, I switched to blogger beta a while back and think it's way easier and better than the regular version. Messing with the html? A thing of the past! Are you using Firefox? That could make a difference. I'm so jealous of the skiing - are you staying at...our b&b? You're cool. And the Mary Poppins video on YouTube has been removed - how'd you find it?

4:43 PM  
Blogger Chris Williams said...

Google is switching everyone to beta right now and once they pull the final switch they'll drop regular blogger and only use the "beta" version.

The reason you can't post / comment / etc is because you only have a blogger ID and Google is trying to convert everyone to the Google Accounts. When Google bought Blogger years ago, they inherited the id system and now are trying to convert everyone.


8:34 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

NOW I CAN'T EVEN GET TO BLOGGER!!! when i went to switch to beta and it said it was blocked, apparently the switch worked even though it didn't appear to load. and the stupid blocker has blocked the new beta blogger totally for "SEX" of all things. come on. you've got to be kidding me. no more blogging for me!!!!

8:38 AM  

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