January 29, 2007

bad timing

the system is down. (strongbad? anyone?) i've been sitting at my computer for almost three hours now, and i haven't gotten a lick of work done. well, i've updated and printed a document that my boss needed, but that's it. BOO on the "system box" being down. hooray for the tech guys "working on it". BOO on them for taking so long!!!!

in other news, i am, again, in love with "heart to heart" oat and honey cereal. i loved it a while back. and i love it again. you should definitely try it!

in more other news, the window right beside my desk in my office leaks cold air like a...well, like a leaky window with no insulation or sealants. it's windy today and especially cold (currently 25 degrees) and, as usual in the wintertime, i have my little space heater going strong. so my morning has consisted of feeling frigidly cold wind mixed with a steady waft of warm air. my body tempterature is confused.

in more news again, ask me what we did this weekend. go ahead, ask me. my answer is we went to church. all weekend! saturday from 10 to 2, we were at northshore. the speaker was, to say the least, incredible! we learned a bit about local ministries and how we can be involved (basically what chris and i have been praying for since we've been married!) but mostly richard pratt preached. DANG. he talked about the Kingdom - how it's not in heaven but already here on earth - how heaven isn't the GOAL, but the STANDARD by which things should be done on earth ("your will be done on earth like it's done in heaven" not your will be done in heaven, oh and on earth also) - how we like to camp out in the last half of the Lord's prayer and generally breeze over the first part where we acknowledge God's holiness (our Father in heaven, hallowed ["sacred"] is your name!) - how we get in little christian huddles and forget about people who don't know Jesus - how christians and non-christians, for the most part, would respond the same way to "what is a life worth living?" because we've lost sight of what really matters and don't have Kingdom vision. i could go on and on. anyway, so then sunday morning we were at northshore for sunday school and church (i was in the nursery - precious children!). then from 145 to 545 that afternoon we were at smpc for the big vote (see post before this) - yes, it took that long, and yes, the majority voted YES. and then we high-tailed it back to northshore for a service of prayer and repentance that the pastors called after dr. pratt's teaching. THAT was a good service. a really sweet time to meet some people we never had and pray and confess. good stuff. it was a busy weekend!

the system is still down. i should go file. bleh.


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