February 10, 2007

ain't no sunshine when he's gone

so. chris and nathan did music on the train last night and tonight. it's 11:30. they're still on the train. *sigh* last night they got back to the apartment at 12:48. tonight they're going to get home around 12. the idea is to pull out of the station, go on a four hour train ride, and arrive back at the station at 9. in that time, one of the two passenger cars eats in the dining car while the others sit and enjoy the quality music and some appetizers, and then the eaters go back to their car to enjoy music while the sitters go eat. well, it's the first time the railroad company has ever done this, and the first two nights have no gone very well. last night something went wrong with the ovens and the first car wasn't served until about 8, which left the poor souls on the second car starving. chris said that they played for three solid hours and just stopped b/c people were getting tired of them. he said that people - grown people, keep in mind - were writing on the foggy windows "HELP US!" and shouting jokingly when they would go through towns "they're holding us captive and not feeding us!!" THAT was hilarious! that was the only funny part about it though. the girl that hired them said that they would get to eat. yeah. last night they gave them styrofoam containers of food as they were leaving the car at 12:30. nice. thanks. geez!!!

tonight the dining car was fine and on schedule and everything, but something happened to the train itself. chris called me at 8:30 (SHOULD be when they're almost back) and said that they had just reached the halfway point where the engine switches places and he heard one of the guys mumble something about having to fix the broken water pipe before they could move. about 45 minutes later, he called me again and said they hadn't moved. *sigh*

i mean, it's not like they're in trouble or hurt or suffering. the worst thing that happens is they get bored. but still. they're only getting paid $50 a night, which isn't bad, really. but it's not worth it, i don't think. i'm going to seriously suggest them saying "dude, play a cd sunday and wednesday night. it's just not worth it."

all that to say: it's WEIRD being by myself in the apartment. i mean, jency came over and we made little red, white and pink chocolate hearts for valentines day and stuff. but she left a couple of hours ago and i'm sitting here wondering: what did i DO before we got married?!?!?! "...and the two shall become one..." so true. i stinking miss that man. we were listening to eva cassidy earlier (AWESOME - check her out) and she covers "ain't no sunshine when she's gone" except she sings "when HE'S gone" since she's a she...anyway, the song is stuck in my head, and it's really ringing true to life tonight.

in other news, chris killed the biggest spider i've ever seen in this apartment the other night. he was at a meeting for church and i was here cleaning up and noticed a dark spot in the corner of our bedroom and froze. i couldn't move!!!!!!!!!!!! he was at least two inches across. *shiver* i finally took a breath and ran to get the spider killer. i sprayed him and he just sort of wiggled. i think he was already dying...maybe from a previous spray that didn't quite cover him! poor guy!! anyway, a few minutes later, i saw him again crawling around as if to say "it's not working! finish me off!! please!!!" so i got my shoe, looked at him from about four feet away, and again, i COULD NOT move. my true aracnaphobic self came shining through. it was really weird. i seriously could not move. so, thanks to my perfect-timing husband who pulled in the driveway at that exact moment, "hector" was put out of his misery. i ran outside shoeless and was, not quite screaming, but close "he's huge!! you've got to come kill him!!!" *shiver* eeewww....i'm itching to get out of this creepy apartment....

in still more news, who would have thought that all my poor painful arms needed was prescription strength anti-inflamatories. *shrug* it's really strange to have almost constant pain for over two years and suddenly not have it anymore. it almost surprises me when i pick something up or move a certain way and DON'T have pain. thank you, God, for dr franklin (jency's daddy!).

in more news again, i went to walmart (blech) tonight to get the melting chocolate stuff and ran into none other than jrigsby!! i cannot believe that it's been eight months since i laid eyes on that girl. it was SO GOOD to just stand there and talk. i can't wait to get together with her for real soon, b/c, oh yes, it will happen!! that's right jay are!! we WILL get together!! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are the best lindsay slaten! yes, hey... monday i have NO work! i have a long weekend. yeah!!! it was SO good to see you and talk about the amazing things of God in the middle of walmart. i love how He is everywhere! :)

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