February 07, 2007

stomach bug

quick! look out! wash your hands! it's on the loose! it's the stomach bug! it infected christopher saturday night and he saw the "results" sunday morning at 11am and they continued until that afternoon. it then infected me and i saw my results at 11pm sunday night and they continued all through the night and subsided monday morning at 11am. the scale measures in at a whopping 5 pounds less than i usually weigh (and no, i'm not happy about it), and even two full days later, i still can't eat more than a handful of food, about twice a day. and it always makes me say "blech". i'm thankful for a healthy body that can fight off viruses, but i'm about to the point of groaning "how long, oh Lord?!? how long?????"

in other news, christopher and nathan have a gig to play their guitars on the TN Valley Railroad Museum's Valentine Special. ***choo!! choo!!*** it's a four hour train ride through the north georgia mountains that people have paid $140 per couple for! "...music will be presented on board to entertain passengers as the cars gently sway along the line, either before or after dinner..." <---that's THEM! apparently they have to play two 1.5 hour sets on whichever train car isn't eating. it's kind of hilarious, but it's also kind of cool. especially since they sound absolutely amazing together. they're playing songs like "you've got a friend in me", "here, there and everywhere", "scarborough fair", "moon river", and i'm trying to get chris to learn "imagine me and you". i wish i could be a fly on the wall...the verdict has yet to be determined as to whether or not i will be able to ride along for at least one ride.

in still other news, it's in the 50s today. BOO on waning temperatures!!!!


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