February 01, 2007


i can't believe it actually snowed in chattanooga!! and off the mountain too!!! my only experience with snow in this city has been on signal mountain, and i had given up hope totally as to ever seeing snow again in this town, so i was doubly surprised and amazed when chris sheepishly woke me up at 5am to look at the snow. i said "whatever..." and sat bewildered at the snow-covered roof across the side-street from us. AMAZING!! we were wide awake immediately. this picture was taken at about 6:30am. it's our across the street neighbor's giant vehicle covered with beauty. there were school closings (mccallie being one of them!!! but i had to be here at 10...phooey), thrilling dare-devils trying to make it down the street to work (they all made it), us trying to get chris to work by 7 so he could get off at 3:30 (we didn't make it.) yeah, when we turned left onto the main road, we sliiiiiiiid big time, and i started almost hyperventilating and literally having flashbacks to 2002 colorado wreck. it. was. horrible. we slowly went back home and i promptly went to sleep for another hour.

chris got to work by 9 and i drove around downtown and coolidge park and the art district taking pictures of the snowy wonderland. it was rainy by then, so it was kinda gross, but still oh so beautiful! i read my email at 10:15 that said i was supposed to be at work at 10. oops. and after lunch i built SEYMOUR!!! oh. OH! i LOVE him! that's the scarf that jency made me around his neck. he was freezing! i didn't wear gloves today (or he would have them on) so my hands were completely and totally numb after making him. bbbrrrrrrr....but it was so worth it. b/c now i get to look at him all day! he's sitting right outside my office window under the beautiful dogwood tree. seymour. my buddy.

this is him from my office chair...:) :) :)

i might be losing my mind....i wish i were sledding with my brother....*whine*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i see seymour on channel 3's website of "snow people" for february 1st? if i didn't, you might look into it... i think he has a twin!

speaking of brothers, i saw him out running... in ... yes... in... shorts! me, well, i was in several layers of clothing while out taking pics myself.

jay are

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, your neighbor's house and car almost look like it could be on mr. roger's neighborhood...

oh, i miss him! or the show! well, both, really!

the good ole days!
jay are

10:19 PM  

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