March 29, 2007

unhealthy obsession

M. Ward's Chinese Translation

totally addicted. totally. (there should be a little video "embedded" up there...if you can't see it, go here.) we originally heard/saw this on the flight to denver on frontier airlines. we each had our own little tv in the backs of the chairs in front of us, and this would play every so often, but it was instrumental. i fell in love with the instrumentation and the animation. and when i got back, i searched and searched for it and found it! i guess the instrumental version was just for frontier? i have no clue. but i like the one with words better. i'm not too crazy about the rest of what i've heard by m. ward. it's kind of...i don't know...jaded? maybe's just not me. but I ADORE this song!!! please become addicted with me!!!


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