March 17, 2007

first REAL day

**the pictures weren't loading last this was yesterday's on any picture to make it bigger!

BRECKENRIDGE!!! goodness. i feel guilty and almost like i'm betraying an old friend (copper mountain) but i am really loving breckenridge. the place where we're staying is in breckenridge - pretty much at the base of the mountain - so it's SOOOOOO easy for us to get there. no hour-long shuttle rides. we just walk to the gondola to take us to the lifts!! beautiful!! and the VIEW is AMAZING!! this is the top of the run we did about six times. and chris absolutely ROCKED!!! he totally skied today.

oh, and remember when i said his legs were too weak to hold him up yesterday? and that we called it a day after just one run? yeah. what he WASN'T telling me what that his heart had been racing ever since we landed and that he was short of breath all the time. and when you add that to his lack of appetite and headache and fever...altitude sickness!!! not just acclimating to the altitude. dude. i felt so bad - he said he didn't tell me any of it b/c he thought it was just his body adjusting b/c someone had told him that it takes three days to acclimate. *sigh* so i talked to the owners of where we're staying and they said he definitely had altitude sickness and we needed to get him some oxygen and "altitude adjustment" pills. hah! where we rented our skis had oxygen (you rent these little aerosol bottle of 90% oxygen and 10% nitrogen, inhale a few times and then you're good to go. seriously. he inhaled about five times and he was seriously better. AMAZING!! and then he took a couple altitude adjustment pills this morning and he feels totally normal. thank you LORD!!! and i've been taking a few hits off of it's amazing what a little oxygen can do!!

so anyway, today was stinking awesome. the conditions were perfect - save it being really hot (i skied without my lining and without gloves!) - and chris TOTALLY got it. he didn't fall nearly as much (except for the occasional bust - see on it to make it bigger to really see his poles and's the new background on our computer! what brilliant timing the camera had!!) and when he did he knew exactly what he had done wrong. he has such better control of his skis and his form is so much better - not the leaning over beginner anymore!!! well...except for when he made it into the trees...don't worry mom - he had already stopped and just gradually slid into the woods. the video footage of him trying to get out is pretty hilarious. i de-skied myself to try to help him out, but i just wound up making things worse!!!

we love breckenridge. and we're probably just going to stick with going there our last two days b/c it's SO easy to get to. i feel bad too - almost like i'm cheating on a friend (copper mountain), but we decided that breckenridge is OUR mountain, and copper can be the mountain i learned on and loved in the past...i'm okay with that! breck ROCKS!! :)

and can i just brag on my husband for a second? he NEVER complains. he has gone through ski school (never fun), falling almost constantly, altitude sickness, not sleeping well, trying to acclimate to a new sport...and he has not complained AT ALL. he's amazing. God totally put us together for a reason. i complain way too much. he's amazing. God has been so good to us on this trip.


Blogger Beth said...

It is fun to hear you talk all about breakenridge, cuz i was just there 2 weeks ago!!! You know, i took two lessons at the breackenridge ski school, and I thought they were REALLY FUN. Like, the instructors were good, and encouraging, etc. And it kindof makes me happy that Chris actually needed the oxygen, because we couldn't figure out what on earth anyone would need some for, so now it makes sense! And i'm so glad it helped Chris! Yay.

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