March 16, 2007

colorado mountain high

GREETINGS FROM COLORADO!!! we arrived in denver by way of frontier airlines - we got the fox!! isn't he great?!

here we are on the plane - our first flight together! it was relatively uneventful. that's good.

and here's where we're staying - fireside inn. it's LOVELY! our room has a bunk bed with a double bed as the bottom bunk and that is ALL that can fit into our tiny room!! haha! it's very comfortable though with a fabulous down comforter. we've both taken some time to get used to this crazy high altitude (hence the subject "mountain high"...but it's coming quickly.

chris blew me away on his first day on the slopes! he is a true NATURAL!!! he took ski lessons the first part of the day while i skied around in hopes of getting my ski legs back after five years!! i have a long beautiful story about me getting my lift ticket, but i don't have the energy to type it all out...*snore* then we met up after lunch and skied together - i was literally blown away by how quickly he picked it up. of course he has things to learn, but for a first-dayer - WOW!!!

but we were out there way too long yesterday and we literally only did one run today (our second day) and called it quits. *whew* chris said his little legs were just shaking trying to keep him up and make the turns. so here we are. about to take a nap. mmmm. these pictures aren't the greatest...we'll have more later on in the week. breckenridge tomorrow!!! :)


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