March 22, 2007

more pictures

so...the plan to get home was to ride the free shuttle from breckenridge to frisco and then ride the greyhound to downtown denver, and then ride a public bus to the airport. i had it ALL worked out. until we couldn't get greyhound tickets online the night before...and until we got to the greyhound station and it was full. sold out. no more room. (we were just going to buy tickets from the driver - something you can totally do) *sigh* so. hertz rental has an office at the greyhound station - BRILLIANT! i told chris i was going to quit my job and open a car rental place at a bus station. it really is brilliant. so we rented a car. a 2007 hyundai sonata. NICE CAR!!! i can't believe we didn't get a picture of it...i really can't believe it. here's a stock photo of one. ours was white. and sonata is almost as much fun to say as "MA-LI-BU"...anyway, the first picture is me renting it from dave. good ol dave.

and these are pictures of our journey home.

we pulled off at a scenic view. it was gorgeous! chris says this picture looks like i'm talking to God. hah!

we stopped in idaho springs to eat at beau jo's pizza (once again, i can't believe we don't have a picture of it - we have a little video, but i don't know how to post those...) but they didn't open until 11 - it was only 9:30. we waited in a little coffee shop, but when it felt like 2 hours had passed and it was only 10:30, we moved on. silly me.

you can see the mountains in the background of this picture. this wasn't our plane - we had the fox again on the way home.

then when the plane took off, we both thought it was crashing. i am not being silly or dramatic. it turned really sharply about 100 feet in the air and it was shaking more than any plane i've ever been in. i cried. chris pretended to be oblivious to keep me calm - brilliant move or i would have passed out. the shaking lasted for about 5 minutes. but here's a picture from the sky - we didn't crash! thank you Lord. when i saw nathan in the airport, i cried again. i was really glad to see him...and the ground!! :)


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