March 19, 2007

day four!

well, i was going to only post pictures, but they're taking so long to upload, that i might as well describe some of them... these are all from our fourth day our - still breckenridge! WE LOVE IT! this first one is from the top of a giant ski lift over on peak 9. i wish i could piece together the panoramic of it...breathtaking. literally. and the second one is us in the picture! sort of similar to yesterday's but who cares!?!?! what you can't tell from this picture is the fiasco that happened at the bottom of the lift...teehee! it was our turn to go out to get on the chair, but it seemed to be coming too quickly and that we should wait for the next one. so we hesitated. but the guy told us to keep coming quickly, so we did, but it caught chris weird and he didn't get on really well at first and i was like "he's falling off!!" and i instinctively - like an idiot - jumped off. you NEVER jump off a ski lift!!!!! *sigh* and when i turned back, he WAS on it so i felt even stupider. i jumped on the next one with the help of the frustrated operator, and chris says that he heard someone tell him to get off, so then HE jumped off and my chair almost hit him in the head. and i just sat there alone on a four-person lift laughing like crazy!! i heard the guy say to him "you can't just jump off dude!" and chris said that after i had already gone by they told him how to get back on the next chair and the guy told him to "kick over the cone if you need to", so he did, which knocked off his ski!!! and when he reached to get it the guy yelled at him "NO!" and gave it to the person in the chair following. he said that as he was lifting off in the chairlift he heard one of the lift operators say "gah! that guy sucks!" HYSTERICAL. at least we thought so. almost as hysterical as the picture from the previous day of chris busting.
so anyway, the rest are just pretty pictures...remember you can click on them to make them BIG! :)
<-- BRECK!

<-- ME!

<-- CHRIS!

<-- out on the town!


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