March 23, 2007

more colorado

i don't really have an order or a reason for posting more pictures...i just felt like doing it. so there.

sunrise over the bnb our first morning. gorgeous!

our tiny room!! the camera was sitting on the bed-side table, and what you see is all that was in there!!

chris, super excited about the slopes!

most peaceful and beautiful fun ever - "snowflake"! that's a frozen pond, not a field!

crepes! chris got strawberry shortcake, i got butter with cinnamon and sugar. YUM!! we like taking pictures of food...see?

shrimp appetizer from RELISH! YUM!!!

meal from RELISH - blue cheese stuffed pork chop with acorn squash and other delicious

things that i can't remember, and scallops sauteed in seasonings that were stupid good but i can't remember what they were, potato/yellow beets mashed together with spaghetti squash in the middle. RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!!

our breakfast on our last morning - AMAZING!! if you're ever in breckenridge, you should definitely stay at the fireside inn. it was marvelous!!!

beautiful clear blue sky day for our journey home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your pictures. Looks like you two had a great time. :) Kitty from Andyland

12:48 PM  

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