April 11, 2007


unbelieveable. i hope it's a good one. and i hope mom doesn't hang any banners in your honor...:)

chris and i took him out to eat at the new chinese buffet in town - which is STINKING DELICIOUS - on monday night since we're both so busy this week with emmaus stuff. we had a great time!! i say we definitely need to hang out more often.

and last night, mom and dad went with him to atlanta to the braves game. i called home to see how it went, and dad told me that forrest went home with a game ball!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

he said some guy hit a home run that hit the stands about 5 feet from them and bounced back onto the field, and then a guy on the field threw it back up in the stands!! dad said that forrest "jumped head-first down the bleachers" and scrambled with a

bunch of other people and came up the winner!!! i would have screamed "BACK OFF! IT'S MY THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!!!"

so here is my depiction of my dear brother emerging the victor amongst the crazed people trying to get the homerun ball. WAY TO GO FORREST!!


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