April 05, 2007

andrew peterson's latest

i know what you're thinking. "here she goes again". i like andrew peterson's music. sue me. ever since i heard that line "well i realize that falling down ain't graceful, but i thank the Lord that falling's full of grace..." i knew his songwriting ability was well above par. that was seven years ago and before his first "real" album was released. now he has six albums, one on the way, and a novel about to be released. his journal entries are some of the most beautiful writings i've experienced. he's a great writer - SUE ME for liking him!!! if you're making fun of me right now, shut up and check him out for real. one way to do it is to read the article that infuze magazine just did on him. it's here. it says, and i quote, "Andrew Peterson is one of the most talented songwriters making music today." see? i'm not the only one. raise your hand if you're as excited about his new novel as me. DUDE!

in other news, it's freezing this morning. no really, it's literally freezing. the weather in tennessee is just wack. last week it was 85. today the high is 50. weird.


Blogger Betsy said...

It's freezing in Philadelphia too. Last week it was 70. Last night it got down to 26, and right now it's 42. Brrrrr.... I'm going to have to wear a wool coat, scarf, and gloves Easter morning.

1:50 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

betsy?!?! I MISS YOU!! do you have a blog? what is it?!

7:05 PM  

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