April 17, 2007


happy birthday TO ME!!! hooray! yes, it's true. my brother's and my birthdays are just a week apart, only he was born two years before me. we were actually both due on the same day - april 2. i'll do the math for you - i was 15 days late. mom was in the hospital for them to induce the next day and she went into labor at 3am. joy! she said that if she hadn't been awake when i came out, she wouldn't have believed i was hers - i had chinese looking eyes and TONS of jet black hair! maybe i'm not hers...maybe i got switched at birth and my real mom lives in novescotia or something. hmm.....my favorite "me" story is the night of april 11, 1977 - that's the night after forrest was born - she had a dream about a little girl with black hair named lyndsay. she swears it's true, and i like to believe her!!! here i am!!!! twenty-eight years later...sheesh.

i was supposed to have some simple medical testing done today, but i had to reschedule because i'm STUPID and ate breakfast. i wasn't supposed to have anything by mouth after midnight last night. oh well. it's for the best b/c now chris and i are going to lunch at the broad street grille - the restaurant inside the chattanoogan hotel!! wahoo!! they have a butt-kickin' lunch buffet - like, stupid-good food!! i'm excited. and b/c we (mccallie) use the chattanoogan for a ton of stuff, they always give us gift certificates, which we are definitely using today!! hurrah!

AND today is free cone day at ben and jerry's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that they researched to find out when my birthday was and decided to have it on this day just for me. yep. so go to your nearest store and get all the awesome ice cream you want!!! we'll be doing that with the fam later on after our picnic dinner in coolidge park. OH BOY!!!

today is also tax deadline day. get 'em in, people. get 'em in!!!!!!!

i can't wait to use the present that christopher gave me this morning - a PHAT gift certificate to ann taylor loft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best. gift. EVER!!!! i adore that store. their website is down right now...oh well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lyndsay--why, on the day after one of the most horrific events in U.S. history, the Virginia Tech massacre, would you choose to devote your whole blog post to yourself? For someone whose views I respect, I'm very disappointed. I mean, no need to be a Debbie Downer, but I would have appreciated hearing your views on this tragedy.

11:35 AM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

what the...

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that what happened yesterday was horrific, but I have to take up for my friend. Things like that happen EVERYDAY all over the world, and while we shouldn't lessen what happened, there is no reason not to celebrate life while grieving in the process for those that lost their lives. Lyndsay is the first to say that she is praying for VT and the families and friends and it will be on her heart all day today and for a long time because she is a truly compassionate follower of Jesus. Whoever wrote the above comment simply does not know her very well.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lyndsay! Hope it is a great day!

Kitty from Andyland

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the... is right!?

I rarely hear Lyndsay share of herself and have LOVED reading about her life through her eyes (or words). Those in which the Lord has made and created. One who's form He forknew.
Lyndsay, celebrating you, with you is part of celebrating in the creativity and love of God. Because you are made in the image of God and in His likeness, you carry and hold characteristics of Him.
Dear Anonymous from the first comment: Just before Lyndsay got married, I lived in very close proximity to Lyndsay for a few years. And in this time, the views and her heart's burdens and cares, were more for these two things... 1)God 2)Others (often times, they may be strangers that she would be burdened to help or pray for and they would NEVER know it.)
Lyndsay, I love and cherish you. You are a precious sister to me. I know that while living in close proximity to you those years, I said things that may have hurt you. So dear anonymous, please if you can, please talk to Lyndsay. Words can hurt.
Lyndsay, please I urge you, don't let this keep you from sharing your heart. As I have said before I have loved reading about your life especially since a rarely see you anymore.
Love, jay are

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lyndsay! My prayer is that your day was filled with joy and love and God will fill you with many more years to spread His word. Your words are inspiring. God bless you.

GUTECOLE from Andyland.

8:11 AM  

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