April 28, 2007

random updates!

i'm copying jill by posting tons of random pictures...

brian's claw-foot tub, my toilet, christopher's urinal. art. playdough art.

our first trip to the FINISHED HIDING PLACE!!! i can't believe it's finished. here's an excerpt of why it's called "hiding place":
As children, we all had hiding places. Johnny had a special place in the woods close to his house. Colin and Chris had a climbing tree and a tree house. Lyndsay has always loved to retreat to the woods…and still does. I had two favorites: a big space among the branches of an evergreen at the front of my house and a cherry tree that I could climb up into and "disappear"...There is something magical about getting up high and looking out...As grown ups, we have learned that our true hiding place is really not a place—but a Person. It is our Heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. Psalm 32:7 says, "You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."

and it snowed up there!!! the thermometer read "7". and that wasn't counting the WIND! but we were warm and toasty.

elizabeth's baby shower!! she's gorgeous! baby is due june 6. i miss her...

josh's rugby game! chris and i went to see them (utk) play a few weeks ago, and it was just stinking fun - and our first rugby experience. it's a really, really cool game. see how they're holding them up??? it's what they do when it's thrown back in...awesome!!

go josh! go!! (he's #20) they wound up beating mtsu 72 to zip. ouch...

the family on easter. forrest's allergies...whew! this is at my parents' house. front row: forrest, me, chris, colin. back row: john, mom, dad, laura, stacey. (gaye was taking the picture! mom took one before this, but forrest looked wretched b/c he had just sneezed...poor kid.)

hunting eggs! the beene clan came over! this is shoo hunting with mae mae and liza with alice in the background. i love those girls...

then we had our famous easter egg baseball! it was the first time the slatens (except chris) took part in it. i think they liked it!!!


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