May 08, 2007

interesting things as of late

LIFE! it's insane. chris and i are househunting, and it's just a rollercoaster. it'll be like: ugly house...rundown...absolutely no resale value...too far away from everything...too much work...PERFECT! OH WE LOVE IT!! IT'S AMAZING!!!! oh wait, it's selling for $100,000 (yes that IS the correct amount of zeros) MORE than the other houses in the neighborhood. that's a financial nightmare. moving on....too much work...scary neighborhood...WHOA! IT'S MORE PERFECT THAN THE OTHER ONE! IT'S AMAZING!!! oh. you're not really moving out after all? hmph. oh well. i mean, that's a little sarcastic, but not much.

in other news, i read about this kid the other day who had 2 spiders living in his ear. it excites me as we approach another summer with window-unit cooling systems. *sigh* and last night we found this guy crawling around in our BEDROOM. *sigh* *whimper* literally. this isn't the picture i got of him, but he looked exactly like this. he was brown and orange. and about 6 inches long. i'm scared....

in more other news, this makes me groan. mickey mouse is islamic? good grief...what will they do next? and when will the church start praying for real?!

in more uplifting news, remember my posts about the live eagle cam? (ooh, i miss that...)
this might change your life. my favorite part is "People from all over the world are e-mailing us about the cheese. Somebody has written lots of songs about. It has been invited to a wedding. We've had post cards sent to it..." i mean, i enjoyed the eagle cam. but they, um, moved at least every once in a while!!!

God is good. keep reminding yourself of that.


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