June 01, 2007

some people

i really don't want to take away from yesterday's post about jency's trip to india, but i absolutely must rant about what i saw today. as i was running errands during my lunch break and approaching the tunnel beside where i work, i noticed a really big back-up similar to the one that happens at 5:00. i was amazed that the lunch hour was producing the same amount of traffic! or maybe there was a wreck! but as i drew closer to the tunnel, i realized what was happening. a man in an old truck was stalled inside the tunnel. ah. i see....no wait...he isn't stalled, he's moving. BACKWARDS! he was in the right hand lane, literally backing up. on purpose. i didn't stick around to see what his motives were. i was absolutely appalled. this one literally takes the cake.

i hope you enjoy my rendition of what happened today. the grayness around the truck is the darkness of the tunnel. obviously.

in other news, it's 3:30 and i only have 30 minutes of work left to go. dadgumit i love summer hours!!!


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