June 22, 2007

a mighty announcement!

in case the subject scares you, i will clarify right out: to the best of my knowledge, no, i am NOT pregnant.

but i hope you will be just as excited when i blare the trumpets and announce that we are indeed MOVING!!! and no, it is not into our very own house, but into another apartment!! just a few blocks away!!! allow me to paste from an email i sent to a friend a few days ago, in hopes of saving my fingers a bit...

what's wrong with the apartment we're in: 1) window-unit air conditioners. it makes it so hot in our apartment that i don't want to cook b/c the oven makes it TOTALLY MISERABLY HOT. not wanting to cook makes us eat out. eating out makes us unhealthy. unhealthy people die early. our apartment is killing us!!!!!!!!!!! 2) no closets. i mean, there's my one tiny closet that's barely enough for my hang-up clothes. chris has a little cupboard thing that's NOT big enough for his hang-up clothes, and that's it. we don't even have a place to put extra toilet paper or sheets!!! and there's certainly no extra space for a bike or something bigger like that...3) no dishwasher. you know how quickly dishes pile up. it's fine, for a while. but after a year, we're tired of it...4) old, leaky windows. even though they're ALL painted shut, they still leak air. go figure. 5) bugs. remember last summer when i had all those nightmares about spiders? they haven't started yet, but they're about to. i can feel it. there's spider webs EVERYWHERE and holes where they come out at night and crawl on my face.....i just KNOW they do!!! 6) no parking. we have one car by choice, but we have full access and permission to use chris' nana's car whenever we say "go". one of the reasons we "choose" not to use it is because we have no place to park it!! 7) the bedroom isn't big enough to put my new queen bed, so we're sleeping on chris' double. it's old and caves in the middle. i bought the queen bed just a couple years ago TO SLEEP ON when we got married, and i toss and turn every night in the double and wake up stiff every morning. and every time we housesit the slatens (and therefore sleep in the queen) i sleep beautifully and wake up rested. *sigh* 8) it's not big enough for the FREE AND AMAZING FURNITURE we got from chris' mom's friend. it seriously won't fit up the stairs... 9) tiny, tiny kitchen with absolutely no counter space. and since we have no dishwasher, half of our no-counter-space is taken up by our ginormous drying rack...

what's right with the one we're in: 1) it's "charming" with the color of the walls, layout, doorframes, and "phone nook". 2) the location is perfect.

what's right about the one we are moving to: 1) central heat and air. enough said. 2) GIANT (seriously - it is giant!!) closet in the "master" bedroom and another good sized one in the 2nd bedroom. and there's an "under the house" basement that could easily take a bike or something of the like. 3) DISHWASHER. 4) brand new windows. (brand new everything, really - appliances, cabinets, floors, air unit, ceiling fans, etc...) 5) no sign of bugs ANYWHERE. 6) good sized parking lot behind the building similar to the one, but not quite as big as, that i had in my old apartment with jay are, so we could use nana's car if we decide we need it. 7) bigger bedroom that can fit a queen bed. GLORIA!! 8) it could EASILY fit all the good furniture we got. 9) great big kitchen with plenty of counter space!! bonus #10) it's on the exact same street that we're on now, so we don't lose the location. bonus #11) it's barely more expensive than what we're currently paying.

what's wrong with the one we looked at: 1) the den is slightly smaller than the one we're in now.

the fun part about it is that we're trying desparately (and told our current landlord) to get out by july 1. WHEW! crazy packing weekend, HERE WE COME!!!

i must go retrieve the husband from work and then run errands. hooray!!


Blogger Allison said...

yay! Your new apartment sounds great!

Every year for the past 2 years we've told ourselves we're "going to move out," but for some reason, we stay. In August, we'll have been in the same apt for 5 years. Renting is not so bad if it's really cheap and you have enough space (which we do and are thankful for it.) We have been talking abou moving again, but we might just make it work in a 2 bedroom with a baby. We'll see. Glad you have found what sounds like a great place to live!

4:10 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

it's actually encouraging to hear that you guys are making it with a little one...not that we're thinking about babies yet, but we are sort of wide-eyed at the prospect of having to buy a house and have a baby at virtually the same time!! *whew*

5:35 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

yay for no spiders! I'll have to tell you about the barking spiders mark and I found in california!! And I can't wait to see it!! and YOU!!!!

4:06 PM  

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