July 02, 2007


oh man. i just ate this. the only reason my conscience let me get it was that i had decided to eat only half of it. fine. that's great! it'll be a great lunch. mmm hmmm....so i ate half of it.

then i ate the other half. i'm so ashamed. *hangs head* and as i hang my head, i see my growing belly and hips and behind and increasing scale reading and accept it as my own fault. alas. i shall never be one for eating only salads.

if you aren't convinced that i have done an awful thing. drink this in for a while....BLEH.

was it worth it? let me think...yes. it was worth it. but i won't be eating again for another week. that sourdough burger deserves the "best hamburger" award it received back in 2005. i might even put it up against chili's peppercorn...nah. that's the best burger in the world hands down. try it next time you're in chilis and in the mood to spend all your fat and calories in one sitting.

in other news, the new apartment lays in wait for its new owners to straighten it up. well keep waiting, little messy apartment! we're at chris' parents' house all week!! WAHOO! our goal is to swim at least once a day. sunscreen it up folks!

in more bizarre news, what in the world is the world coming to?!?!?


Blogger Beth said...

i love you no matter what size you are. And I totally understand, too... just this morning I was trying to explain to Mark why I couldn't have another pop tart even though I was still hungry (so I had toast). *sigh* Alas.

4:09 PM  

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