July 13, 2007

indescribable business

the subject is supposed to mean "indescribable busy-ness", but i like business....so i shall leave it be.

i just finished reading a new (to me) blog in its entirety, and i have a confession. i'm completely and utterly jealous of the amount of comments he gets on each post. i'm not mad at you, my readers. i'm just letting you know that it will make me feel hip, awesome, and even more loved if you comment every once in a while. and i know you're out there. there are way too many of you that tell me in person or email me and say that you read my blog (even parents of friends of mine - i know you're there!!!!) for there to be the ghost town of comments i receive. come on people!!! and now i'd like to send a shout out - YIP! - to all those who DO comment on my post. you know who you are, and i adore you. truly.

in other, less self-focused news...well, maybe it is as self focused since it's about me. anyway, the past two weeks have been SO BUSY CRAZY INSANELY BUSY. i'll start with last last thursday. we finally moved everything out of the old apartment into the new one, and cleaned the HECK out that old thing. chris actually got the nasty old stained tub looking nice and shiny. it was nothing short of a miracle! i think we should get our deposit back SOLELY because of that. alas, i think we shall see that 300 dollars not. oh well. so friday after work we swung (swang?) by the old place one last time just in case, and then dropped the keys in our landlord's little dropbox and said goodbye to our dear, wonderful, first apartment. funny mushy story: (if you're easily nauseated by mushy husband-wife stories, skip the next paragraph)

while cleaning the place up sometime during that week, chris mentioned that the song he will always think of as the theme song of that apartment was the glen miller orchestra version of "when you wish upon a star" - the song we left our wedding reception to (though no one could hear it) and just a dern good song. i was shocked, b/c going through my mind when he was about to say it was "when he says what song he thinks of, i'll tell him that mine is...no way!!!" the same that he mentioned. okay. so that thursday when we had finished cleaning and were taking pictures of all the little idiosyncrasies that we wanted to remember, and we looked at each other before walking out. then it hit us - our first apartment together. our expressions grew sentimental, and we hugged. (don't worry - this will stay G rated) then we rocked back and forth slightly (like we do sometimes during hugs) and chris proceeded to make me cry like a baby by quietly singing the melody to the glen miller orchestra's "when you wish upon a star" (it has this long instrumental intro). it was amazingly special, as cheesy as it sounds. i'm tearing up thinking about it...as much as i struggled to love that apartment toward the end with all the spiders and inconveniences, i really, really loved it solely because it's where our life together began. *sigh* sorry. i had to ramble.

okay. so back to our crazy busy-ness. when we left our landlord's house, we drove straight from there to the cabin in nc to celebrate the mother-in-law's birthday. colin and his new woman caroline were there too! so it was really fun. a bit awkward for her to meet the parents for the first time in a very busy, new-york style deli, but fun all the same. we had a great time shooting the b-b gun, fleeing from the bear (he's up there, we just haven't seen him yet, although caroline thought she did when a giant black dog ran up on them), playing apples to apples, and just spending time together in that amazing place. God is so good!

then straight from there, we went to chris' parents' house to housesit while they stayed at the cabin for the week. the mess at our new apartment stayed...but staying at his parents' house is really, really fun. it's big and clean and has a pool and sally the spastic dog and lots of cranky cats. living out there was fun but hard when trying to balance the car situation. we only have one, and chris usually walks to work, or i just drop him off. but living out there, his parents let us borrow his mom's car...alas, we fell in love with it. an infinity G35. DANG. i can't think about it. i miss it. anyway, so in the middle of that week was july 4th and we went to see ratatouille (fabulous!!) and had friends over to swim, and then went to a wonderfully fun party with some church folks. the weather was perfect, the live music was entertaining, the company was delightful, and the food was delicious and neverending! so that made the next day feel like sunday, monday and thursday all at the same time. it was technically thursday; it felt like sunday because the 4th felt like saturday being off all day; it felt like monday because it was the first day back to work. weird. so that messed me up.

so then his parents came home on monday afternoon and we had concluded to leave our junk there and go pick it up monday after work. well, monday morning chris called me saying that his aunt (dad's sister) had had a massive heart attack, was in the hospital, and was not expected to make it. *sigh* calls like that are never expected, never fun, and always sad. the pattens and the slatens are very close, and this was a huge blow. so we both left work monday to spend with family in the (horrible) waiting room. aunt betty wound up passing away late that night. *sigh* so tuedsay and wednesday were awful - hard to concentrate. wednesday night was the visitation at the funeral home (which i just don't like anyway) and as one of her son's put it, "this is worse than a 40th high school reunion! i don't know any of these people!!" i was okay though b/c i wasn't expected to know anyone!! anyway, yesterday (thursday) was the funeral, and it's weird to say that it was a good service, but it was. her sunday school teacher did a great job with the little homily thing, and i think it meant a lot to the family. after the short graveside service, the whole crew headed over to her sister-in-law's house for food and fellowship.

it's weird how funerals always pull families together. we sat around and ate, talked, laughed, told stories, played music (lots of musicians in the family) and sang, for at least 4 hours. why in the WORLD do we wait for something like that to happen to get together? these people live in town! we never see them!! *sigh* changes must be made.

my goodness i'm rambling...so that makes today, friday, feel like who KNOWS what day. i'm so confused.

in the middle of the craziness, we've gotten the new apartment looking a little bit more like a place that's livable!! the kicthen is almost completely put together, and the den is looking pretty dern good. our giant closet (i like to sit in there when i rarely talk on the phone!) is amazing too. the bedroom is getting there. the only thing that's a complete dump is the 2nd bedroom/music room. we'll get there this weekend. i just know we will!!

i have more to say, but i have declared this post long enough. to come later will be a telling of the comical changes of plans for this weekend, a cry for more advise on chiropractors, comments about internet radio stations, and thoughts on curly hair.

and i JUST discovered that blogger offers spell check. who knew???


Anonymous MIL said...

I LOVE your blogs! How else can i keep up with you two? :-) The "When You Wish Upon a Star" story made me misty eyed. You are both so precious.
Love MIL

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Precious Lyndsay, you are wonderful. I love to read your blogs... more, we want more! Pics, stories, funny news, etc.

Just know that it is fun to keep up with what is going on with you and Chris by your posts.

p.s. Keep writing.... you are a wonderful writer. Any future plans on a novel? Fun times!

jay are

10:08 PM  

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