July 20, 2007


raise your hand if you ever saw "milo and the phantom tollbooth". it's an excellent movie, just in case you're wondering. anyway, there's a part in the movie when milo takes a wrong turn b/c he isn't paying attention, and he winds up in the doldrums. it's a fabulous scene where the doldrums take milo and his car over - they are little drippy characters that laze themselves into a state of doing-nothing-ness. the song is lovely: "don't say there's nothing to do in the doldrums!..." and i suddenly can't remember the rest of the words!! ah. proof that i haven't seen it in entirely too long. anyway, tock the "watch dog" (he has a watch inside his fur...get it?) finally saves him from eternal peril. it's a great scene. all that to say that work today is TOTALLY the doldrums. it's a summer friday, and NO ONE is here. i mean, suzanne and mercy are here. none of our bosses are here. mine just informed me that his vacation started this afternoon, and right as he was leaving, i said "so if i left, no one would know, right?" i smiled, and he laughed. i am beyond bummed too b/c today is a perfect day for him to come to my little window right around 2:30 or 3 and say "lyndsay! go home!!!" but today the last thing he said to me was "thanks for holding down the fort." NNNNOOOOOOO!!! oh well. so i'm just hanging out listening to some gustavo santaolalla on pandora radio, so it's not all bad.

in other news, christopher is gone!!! he and four of his good friends are up at the cabin having a man weekend. HUAH!! and i'm actually a little ashamed to say that it's nice having the apartment to myself. i thought i would be scared or bored alone, but last night was actually quite wonderful. reading, eating a light dinner, and i actually slept the entire night without waking up once. (i don't think i moved at all, either...) when i told chris that this morning he said "NO! we are NOT sleeping in separate rooms!!" hah! we'll get used to sleeping in the same room...eventually...it'll be nice to have him back. anyway, tonight my dear friend beth is coming over. we're going to dine upon my very first attempt at a crock pot recipe (some sort of improvised soup...we'll see how it goes!) i was verrrrrry uncomfortable leaving it this morning. it really is okay to leave it on all day long, right??? sheesh.

and then tomorrow i'm hanging out with my dear friends the burkes all day. here's a fun picture of the whole fam at kelsey's parents' lake house. they're remodeling the house they just moved into, and they have three small ones, so i'll probably do a bit of painting and babysitting and both at the same time. i am so, so, so, so excited!!! it's been TOO long since i had some good time with the burkes. i adore them. but i'm reeeeally hoping that "had none" is feeling MUCH better by tomorrow so i can romp about with the wee ones. he's actually feeling much better than he did the other day. he's been taped to "roast beef" for the past two days. roast beef isn't too happy about it, but it makes had none feel much better not being bent every other second. i honestly can't decide if he's actually broken. it hurts LIKE CRAZY when i bend it, but other than that, there's no sign of breakage. not very much swelling (he just sort of feels overweight) and no discoloration. see for yourself in this nice picture of me wearing the only shoes that don't hurt - my wedding flip flops! haha! oh well. taped to roast beef he will stay until he can be bent with no pain.

since we don't have internet at home and i'm not able to upload pictures from the camera here (my computer won't recognize external plug-ins...it's really weird) i'm trying to post as many relative photos as possible. "had none" was taken on the work camera that actually still takes a 3 1/2 floppy disc. amazing! and my computer is the only one on the floor (in the entire school?!) that still accepts a floppy. i'm supposedly getting a new one this month. which also means bye bye dinosaur camera!!! hurrah!!

in other news, not to be mean or anything, but i'm very disappointed in my blogging friends. there are quite a few blogs that i visit on a regular basis, and NONE OF THEM have been updated recently. well, maybe a couple have been updated within the past two weeks or so, but the great majority of them have been sitting abandoned since april. shame on you! shame on you all!!! you're a disgrace to the blogging world. the last time you updated your blogs, it was april!! (man. yancy always comes up with these great slams like "Rock Creek Baptist Church was celebrating it's 1st Anniversary the last time you posted." and it's funny b/c rock creek baptist (where derek's family goes) has been around forever and ever. but i can NEVER think of clever things like that. i'm just boring.

on a lighter and much more hip note, check out this video. i don't do graphic design, but it is oh so very cool. from the "goodexperience blog" (formerly "this is broken): "This super-creative four-minute video, created in a single take, features a trampoline, some very good athletes, an unusual camera angle, and some thoughts on graphic design. Worth watching. (Don't miss the "status bar" on the bottom of the screen.)" have fun!


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