July 17, 2007

chiropractor advise

okay. back when i rambled about not going to the chiropractor, i got all kinds of good responses from friends (and even some strangers!) about why i SHOULD go. so i did. and i liked it...well, i grew to like it. having someone crack your neck three times a week in a manner that seems like it's going to break off is a little disconcerting at first. anyway, i need some more advise.

my main problem is in my neck, but he would also crack me right between my shoulder blades. great! where i'm tight most of the time during the day!! it felt great at first, but in the end of my third week going, it started hurting. and every time i went, it would hurt more and the pain would linger longer. until one day i told him how bad it would hurt when he did that, and he tried doing it another way thinking it was just the downward-pushing pressure that was hurting. nope. it was the *pop* itself. it brought tears to my eyes. when i asked him if it was normal, he said "no, it's not normal" and told me to stretch and try icing it. but it would hurt for about 15 minutes afterwards and stop, and i would forget about it until i was lying on the table again, so icing it was never in my head. so i left in pain, and the pain stuck around (like, pain so bad i could barely walk and was having a hard time breathing...) for over an hour. so i called and set up a time to talk to him about it. he asked if i had ever had an mri (what my doctor said i should do, unless i wanted to see a chiropractor first...) i said no, and he said i might want to do that. *sigh*

BAH! any of you chiropractor-goers ever experience building pain like that when you've been going for a while? oh, and there were no improvements on my arm pain either, just for the record. so i stopped going to the chiropractor, and haven't made an appt for an mri...GAH! i'm just sick of this...

in other news, we're basically moved in and settled in our new place! there's a few remaining things to organize and find places for. but pretty much, we're moved in. come visit!! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am reminded of something i read in the book,'Captivating' by Staci & John Eldridge...

a situation in her life, had her seeking help for the physical, like medicine for her situation. after a long while it just wasn't 'gettin it' done. so someone suggested to them (i think), why don't you try the spiritual aspect.

she had several things going on, depression, very ligth-headedness (or something like that), and maybe something else...

so she took the spiritual approach, her and her husband, and did what Jesus did, commanded it to leave her body by the name of Jesus. at first, it seemed to be a little better, then woe!!!! i think it upset the enemy... he struggled with her and they kept standing on God's Word, and resisting him, and commanding him to leave by the name of Jesus.
she has been free from these things for years now. praise God. and she, nor i, am opposed to medicine and doctors! they found that the problem was spiritual and not physical. actually, it may originate in the spiritual and affect the physical.

i hope this isn't too deep for the blog, but, i keep thinking of us, the body of Christ, WHOM THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED!!!

i have also found that its not my voice level, jumping around, etc that makes the devil flee, its our authority in Jesus Christ!

i have also found that the enemy likes to sneek in during events in our life that causes pain or hurts. i have also found that in my own life of healing, that when i receive some kind of physical healing, there is an inner healing that takes place or vice-versa! (as you remember the story i told you about me last fall/winter)! AMAZING!!! He is AWESOME!!! Come Holy Spirit, we want more of YOU!

jay are

10:52 AM  
Blogger Mandie Lou said...

Lyndsay, yes, I too have jumped on the blogger bandwagon. I hope you are feeling mucho better. I cannot wait to see the next apartment.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Jeremy & Elizabeth said...

Dearest Lyddy... I'm just sitting down to play on the computer- first time in WEEKS and I'm LOVING your blog... it makes me laugh! I truly, truly love you! :) No advice on the chiropractor thing- sorry. The only reason I go to mine here is because they give 15 minute deep tissue massages every time I go. niiiiice. :) Anywho- gotta go give stinker a bath! I LOVE YOU...

9:56 PM  

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