July 18, 2007

not as expected

i've got a broken toe!! it's the piggy that "had none" on my left foot. i kicked the tool box last night while walking by it (it was my fault that it was laying in the middle of the floor anyway) and now it's just RIDICULOUSLY painful, swollen, but not purple. i would expect it to be very purple. well, in looking at it again, it actually is purple. oh wow. i've heard of people having broken toes and thinking "ah, it can't be that bad...it's just a toe." well i've been proven WRONG. sheesh. i'm walking around saying to myself, "it doesn't hurt. i'm not going to limp. it's not painful...gah! it hurts!!!" but i suppose life will go on. :)

in other news, i have a spam blocker for my work email, but i still get to see them just to make sure it's okay to delete them. i got one with THE BEST subject in the entire universe today. "In Santa versus the Hippies, you play an elf charged with the job of reinstating the Christmas Spirit of a commune of Hippies." i don't ask questions. i just delete them.

in other, more thrilling news, JENCY called me this morning! she's in london due to be home on tuesday. my phone rang and it was WAY too many numbers to be a normal caller. i NEVER answer my phone if i don't know who's calling me, but today i said out loud, "i wonder if this is jency?!" i said hello, and it was her!! we had a marvelous conversation. i can't wait to hug her neck and hear all her amazing, life-changing stories. what a mighty God we serve!!


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