July 31, 2007

bonds in seconds!

i'm twenty eight years old. i have to use reading glasses when i read and am on the computer. and by "have to", i really mean "prefer to" since i get a headache when i don't do it. so it's not like i'm blind without them or anything. when i first discovered this grizzly truth, i was a sophomore in college and only discovered it thanks to my fabulous roommate leah who said "you get a lot of headaches. you should get your eyes looked at..." i would have never, ever thought about it on my own! anyway, i had to get an expensive prescription because my magnification need was just .50, and the lowest you can get in stores is 1.00. i used those glasses for a few years and then lost them. but no worries! i went back to get more, and my eyes had degenerated enough to need 1.00. so i got off cheaply and bought the $15 magnifiers from walmart that i still use today. lately, i've been saying that i needed to get my eyes re-examined just for routine-sake since it's been about 5 years since my last one. well, today when i was talking to my boss, my glasses snapped in half. the little arm that goes behind my right ear just broke off in my little hand. david said "whoa, that's not good..." so i have several options: 1) superglue them together and live with it (i actually already did this...we'll see if it holds); 2) "splurge" and buy some more 1.00's; 3) get my eyes examined to make sure i'm still at 1.00; 4) tape them up to look as awesome as this guy....

in other news, JENCY IS HOME!!! hurrah!!! it's about time that girl came home to see me and show me pictures and tell me stories. it's all about me, don't you know. seriously though, you really need to track her down and get her to show you pictures and tell you stories. they might just change your life. sample stories: first-hand, front row attendance of the ganges river worship service in varanasi - the "most holy city" where they believe if you die in the city, you immediately go to heaven no matter what; talking to and befriending women who are so entrenched in the religion of hinduism that they truly believe they believe the same thing christians do simply because they "believe and worship everything"; dancing with, playing with, and just loving on little girls who have been sent to live in a home with other girls to be saved from being sold into sexual exploitation; teaching women basic hygiene and health concerns - as simple as "eating vegetables is good for you" and teaching them what actually happens to them each month, since they were clueless. her pictures are amazing - crowded, very colorful streets and rooms where they worked. the faces of indian women and children are one of the most beautiful thing you'll see. i can't wait to go with her next time!! :) :) :)

off to exercise a little and then eat lunch!
happy tuesday~~~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we want pics from jency!!

:) or does she have a blog?

i love you both!

jay are

12:06 PM  

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