August 09, 2007

hottest. weather. ever.

man it's hot. remember to help each other stay hydrated!

in the hours before noon, the sun is positioned perfectly to heat the doorknob of the door into our building to a blazing billion degrees, and it burns everyone's hand that comes in. no really. it burns hands. i hope we don't get sued for having metal doorknobs....

okay, everyone reply with your best "it's so hot" joke. i'll go first. it's so hot that my breakfast was fried eggs and bacon - cooked on the sidewalk.

i always think of things to write about on this blog, but whenever i actually get here, i always forget them. blah.

OH! (i'm copying this from the ap message board...sue me. i don't want to type it again...) so i was riding in my car yesterday, an incredibly hot afternoon, during my lunch break to buy ribbon - a silly errand that i wondered if i should even be doing. i always listen to moody radio when i'm in the car, and when i turned it on, anita lustria was saying something about "and he has three children, blah blah blah...welcome andrew!" i was mindlessly listening, wondering what today's show would be about. but when he started talking, i said waitaminute....

andrew peterson was interviewed on midday connection yesterday!!!! it's an hour-long interview where they talk about everything, and today it was about nothing but andrew and his music!!! they played songs from the far country (ones i heard: lay me down, little boy heart alive) and slugs, bugs and lulabies!! (piggy little toes and you can always come home) you can listen to it here (i think...i have no idea how things like that work...i'm just so glad i heard it live!)

now remember that i'm a little emotional *lyndsay smirks at that understatement*, but i think it's hilarious that my throat was actually sore from screaming with excitement in my car. and i had to sit in my car, and actually be late coming back from lunch, to listen to the rest and let the tears on my face dry. see, God has touched me SO MUCH with andrew's music that i'm just so excited that others are being introduced to it, too. (that's why i was emotional...) so anyway, HOORAAAAAY!!

you should totally check andrew's stuff out. in the interview (that you can listen to yourself) i learned that veggie tales heard some of "slugs bugs and lulabies" and is going to use one of andrew's songs (you can always come home) in their next movie!!! AND they asked andrew and randall to start writing for them. BAH!! that's amazing. and don't forget that he has a novel coming out in march - the title is a big might want to write this one down - On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness: Adventure. Peril. Lost Jewels. And the Fearsome Toothy Cows of Skree. (The Wingfeather Saga) WAHOO!! it's a children-of-all-ages epic story. i. am. so. excited. it will be available in andrew's store eventually. don't you DARE buy it from amazon. i will hunt you down and make you pay for it again so andrew gets the money he deserves. so there.

in other news, christopher is singing in trevor's wedding this saturday!! every time i hear him practice the song i fall more and more in love with the lyrics. read on:

The love of Christ is rich and free;
Fixed on His own eternally;
Nor earth, nor hell, can it remove;
Long as He lives, His own He'll love.

His loving heart engaged to be
Their everlasting Surety;
'Twas love that took their cause in hand,
And love maintains it to the end.

Chorus: Love cannot from its post withdraw;
Nor death, nor hell, nor sin, nor law,
Can turn the Surety's heart away;
He'll love His own to endless day.

Love has redeemed His sheep with blood;
And love will bring them safe to God;
Love calls them all from death to life;
And love will finish all their strife.

He loves through every changing scene,
Nor aught from Him can Zion wean;
Not all the wanderings of her heart
Can make His love for her depart. (Repeat chorus)

At death, beyond the grave, He'll love;
In endless bliss, His own shall prove
The blazing glory of that love
Which never could from them remove.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no hot jokes here... its gorgeous outside!!! did you see the rays pouring forth from the sun this morning upon sunrise!! i tried to capture the miracles while driving. i'm not so sure how they turned out!

lyndsay, chris, I want to hear this song. it is beautiful! when is it available for all to hear? please... :)
jay are

4:40 PM  
Anonymous mil said...

i want to hear it, too! you didn't TELL us that chris was singing at the wedding...did you? please tell him that we want an encore...a private encore. :-)


9:30 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

oh goodness people. it's not like he wrote it!! it's a sandra mccracken song - although i can't find a place online where you can hear it!! you'll just have to buy her cd. :)

8:15 AM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

yeah! listen here --

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us posted with AP stuff. I feel that I can keep up, but every once in awhile he sneaks something by. :-)


7:08 AM  

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