November 27, 2007

take time

my husband kindly told me that my blog was sadly inactive, so here i am. updating. man. i used to be ALL ABOUT my blog. updating it, informing the outside world of the happenings in my life, but i just a) don't have time at work this time of year, and b) don't have internet access at home, so it's hard to upload pictures. and pictures are the fun part of updating the blog! so here's some that were emailed to me.

but first, news from andrew peterson world! there's a new and awesome addition to add to your daily routine - The Rabbit Room! there are several artists (not just musicians) who are involved in frequent posts, and you can get TONS of good stuff in the store. shoot, there's so much there that i don't even know how to post it all! you'll just have to visit it and see for yourself. if the link doesn't work, go here - oh, and "the proprietor" is ap. just so you know. this is my favorite post. and not just because the "singer-songwriter" is my husband...:)

on to the pictures!!

young chris and lyndsay!! greg uploaded a bunch of these old pictures from high school to facebook and this one just makes me SMILE!! :) :) :) chris was a senior in high school. wow.

WE LOVE NANA!!! isn't she beautiful??? she was able to make it up to the mountain cabin a few weeks ago, and we had an absolute blast!! this is us loving on her right before we were leaving. can you believe she's 93, almost 94? amazing. i hope i can be as positive and fun to be around when i'm that old. (if i make it that far!)

thanksgiving this year was FUN! we feasted at lunch with the walkers then for dinner with the slatens. man. that's a lot of food. someone told me that the average person consumes about 5000 calories on thanksgiving. *sigh* we ate 2 thanksgiving meals. i don't want to think about it. i've gotta go exercise...sheesh!

so this is after lunch at the walker's. i don't have pictures from the slatens' yet...i'll work on that.

you'll notice who is going for the cheese ball. yep. thanks stacey, for catching me in the act. anyway, the girl in the pink is alex, forrest's girlfriend, whom i adore, and i think my dad likes her more than forrest does! we were playing apples to apples and dad partnered up with her. she wouldn't do anything without his input. it was absolutely adorable! anyway, the other girl next to dad is laura, my sister, and the head in the green shirt in dave, stacey's (my other sister) boyfriend! it was a year of new significant others!!

here's daddy playing the geetar. i LOVE his classical guitar. he broke a string though. isn't he cute?!

and here's hobbes, the demon kitty. he'll zap you with his laser eyes!!! isn't it weird when cameras do that to cat's eyes?! he was absolutely going CRAZY the whole time we were there. the smell of turkey was just too much for him, and with every morsel someone slipped him under the table, the crazier he got and more he needed!!! he isn't usually like that. usually when company comes over, he curls up on the couch and ignores everyone. but he was all up in everyone's business, and i just loved it! man i miss living with that cat....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah ha!

2:36 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

who's that?! benga?!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Curtis said...

Ha. The comment about your laser-eyed cat made me laugh out loud. Laughing out loud in front of a computer screen is rare for me. Too, thanks for mentioning Andy's Rabbit Room! Blessing on you and Chris.

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope you like the tree. i was getting rather cold in the dark and musty mess!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

want me to send you some photos from the slaten home? :-)
i loved the photos from your mom and dad's. alex is cute! go forrest! :-)

7:20 AM  

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