January 30, 2008

very much alive

so...hi. apparently people actually read this, so i don't want you to think i'm dead or don't want to update the blog. i DO want to update! i have so much to post about and so many pictures and so many stories and so much to say!!!! but i, like jesse spanno, have no time. i used to, quite frankly (sorry boss...), have some time to kill, but now - not a chance. PLUS we don't have internet at home, and we never take the computer anywhere that has wifi unless we're doing something specific and i don't have time to blog.

anyway, while you're impatiently waiting for me to post, play on this website - http://icanhascheezburger.com/. oh my gosh, i am so addicted to this website!!!!! it's mostly cats, but sometimes other animals. i think this is my new favorite one:

woo! anyway, have fun, and if you can think of a good, hilarious and worthy caption for my demon kitty hobbes (last picture in the post), please let me know! i'm blank and i want to submit it to the website!! :)


Blogger Jeremy & Elizabeth said...

LYNDSAY. We REALLY ARE twins separated at birth. That is one of our FAVORITE websites!!! We can't get enough of those pictures! :) I'll try to think of something brilliant for Hobbs's picture! E :)

8:58 PM  

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