February 07, 2008

the ways of the weary

well my m&m addiction is over. for now. which basically means that the m&ms are gone and i haven't bought more...and i don't think i will because i'm not really supposed to eat chocolate.....but that's not the point.

last night (and this morning, too!) was hilarious in a sad, sad way. chris and i are both so busy, we're growing wearier and wearier...i shall prove it.

last night, i made soup!!! i was planning on making a quick stir fry with veggies and chicken and rice since chris has to go to his internship. but when he told me that he wasn't going to go anymore (the first move in trying to streamline our time during the week...) i said "ooh! i'll make soup!" those of you out there who know my husband will know that this made him a very, very happy man. and it was a really, REALLY good pot of soup. no recipe. just stuff in a pot. broth, a can of crushed tomatoes, chicken, squash, peppers, green beans, corn, chopped cocktail weiners, seasonings.......YUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!! chris was SO excited and was talking about how he was going to take soup to work for lunch the rest of the week! he gets soup EVERY day at work, but now he can have free soup that's BETTER than the work cafeteria!!! but that's not the hilarious, sad part.

then jency came over, and then she stayed and stayed and we talked and talked and it was so very good! around 8:30, i realized i had better get to to making the cinnamon bread b/c it was the day to make it (i'm stuck in a seeming endless cycle of amish friendship bread...) so i started making it. then i realized i was out of sugar. but that's not the hilarious, sad part either.

jency left and chris i went to the store. before leaving i turned the preheating oven off like every good american. we got back from getting sugar and i finished making the bread. i'm breaking my boredom of making the same thing every 10 days by spicing it up a little. this time i used 1/2 cup of regular flour and 1-1/2 cups of wheat flour. and i added pecans this time. YUM!! it's a totally different creature. but, of course, that is not the hilarious, sad part either.

i put the loaves in to bake around 9:15 and was relieved that i wasn't going to but up too terribly late. after 40 minutes of baking, the timer finally went off which meant i could finally forget about it and go to sleep. i looked at them to see if they were done and i said "wow. they didn't rise very much...oh no....you are KIDDING ME!!!!" you may have figured it out already....i forgot to turn the oven BACK on when we got back from the store. BAH! see, it was still hot enough from before leaving for the store to make me think it was on when i put them in. oh you're kidding me.....so i turned the oven on, went back to bed and read for almost an hour. (1 samuel - weird stuff happens in there man..."make a gold modle of the tumors afflicting us...".....WHA???) after 50 minutes of baking, they weren't even close to done. i guess adding the whole wheat flour makes a difference? i don't know. so it took about an hour and a half to bake and about a half hour to cool enough for me to cover them. *sigh*

so that is the hilarious, sad part of my day yesterday and the proof that i am, indeed, growing weary. hilarious because it's hilarious that the loaves sat there for an hour going "um...hello? aren't we supposed to be HOT???" and sad because i went to bed after 11:00 when we normally go to bed around 10. *sigh* i'm sleepy.

the hilarious and sad part about TODAY that proves how weary chris is: he forgot to take soup to work today. ACK!

in other news, iron and wine's new album RULES!!!! (even though the picture scares me a little....)


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