March 12, 2008

latest toy

from this (times 4 or 5):

to this:

every time chris and i get in the car to go anywhere more than 20 minutes away, we drag with us one giant cd case, 3 regular sized cd cases, 1 small cd case and at least 2 giant rolls (the kind that blank cds come on) of cds. LITERALLY. chris has a small-capacity (6GB?) zen micro that he took to england that officially died (literally blew up) the other day. and it never helped us cut down on the amount of cds we carried around anyway.

today, we did it. we bought an 80GB ipod. *sigh* i'm so torn about it. while it's convenient to not have to lug around ALL those cds, we just dropped a lot of dough in the hands of a local electronic store. enough money to feed, support and care for a compassion international child for well over a year. all for what? convenience and entertainment. as a coworker who is also a fellow believer just said "they make good idols!"

*sigh* he's right. and yet this machine still sits and charges beside me on my desk. what do we do? be in the world but not of the world! does that mean supporting the economy and spending the money that we earn? does it mean giving away every single extra penny to charity and the poor? does it mean living in the tension somewhere in between?

although i will say that it will be nice to ride approximately 16 hours in the car NOT sharing my feet-space with a million cds, and NOT using my precious and limited finger and arm strength sifting through said million cds (it's amazing how quickly that wears me out...).



Blogger Nathan said...

At least you didn't get the Zune. Phew!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with nathan, seriously. zune= crazy.
ipods are great. i have found mine quite useful for ministry purposes at church as well, especially when dealing with youth. you'll be glad you have it, though certainly i concur with the stewardship issue. day these things will literally be trivial to all, and that day will rock :)

2:14 PM  
Blogger Drew Scott said...

The only people putting down the Zune have never held an 80G Zune in their hands. Every iPod user I've shown it to were pretty impressed, too. It is simply awesome. And sleek. And different. (again, the 30G Zune is an ugly plastic paperweight.)

But I hope you are ridiculously happy with the iPod. At least as happy as I am with the Zune. Crazy never felt so good!

9:57 PM  

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