February 28, 2008

being watched

have you ever felt like you were being watched? i suppose i brought it on myself by creating this thing called a blog, but it's still weird to have people watching you. so many more people read this blog than i would ever imagine. hi everyone!

i don't really have anything intellectual to say. but i guess i could ramble...

i got an mri last monday (11 days ago!) and the doctor still hasn't called me about the results. i have left three - THREE - messages with them asking for the results. should i give up? or keep calling? one of the problems with that is that i don't like to bug people. i know they're busy and they'll call me when they have time. (maybe.) but another problem is that my doctor is my best friend's dad....so i really don't want to bug him. although i will say that i've been very tempted to call him at his house the past few nights....grrr!!!! i'm dying to know if something showed up that's causing this CRAZY PAIN!!!!! going on 4 years...good grief.......

in other news, i'm officially a member of the verizon squad. *sigh* i was with sprint for...oh gosh. seven years. WEIRD! chris and i finally got a family plan and verizon made so much more sense. all of our friends have verizon, they are the only ones that get service in the remote places we go (the nc cabin and nana's...) so we went with them. we got new phones (i have a camera phone now!!!) and i finally have a headset that i LIKE! halleluia! no more switching from ear to ear from the pain holding a phone to my ear causes!!!! and less chance of a brain tumor...right? hmm....

in more other news, this is my favorite picture lately:


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