April 11, 2008

happy birthday forrest!!!

i swear i remember when you used to crawl in my crib with me. usually you were "searching for dirt!" between my toes!! eew! i remember that crib, doll and wallpaper too...weird.

remember those sippy cups with the sipper in the middle?! i totally do! and i remember drinking out of those bottles...i really miss footie pjs. mom and dad still have that blanket. we did EVERYTHING on that thing!

i remember this like it was yesterday. i feel like we went camping and paddle-boating every weekend! aren't those our own life vests? i remember thinking it was great that we owned orange life vests that matched our orange tent. i still remember the way it smelled.

ah, the clc skating. I MISS IT! and those costumes....hehehe....i hope you don't get blackmailed for this one....kermit :)

best. family. ever. nice glasses dad. ;)

probably ponte vedra. i can't BELIEVE you get to go back there in july. i'm so jealous!!!

"what, mom??? i have no idea why she's crying!"

uncle howard!!! why did we ALL have to pile up on him? i miss that man. and that chair.

the bomb. the old garage. snow. what more could a person want?!

cutest kids! beautiful mommy!

dadGUM renee' for breaking our swing!!!! i LOVED swinging with you in that thing. the ropes are still there, you know....we should totally make a new one!

i remember specifically that we HAD to do this, and we HAD to pile up in order of oldest to youngest. i don't know how kendall got out of it...where is that anyway? e's?

"a nurse's work is never done". that's grandmother's pink lady apron and real scrubs and stethoscope thanks to mom. remember doing operation on my dolls on the ironing board? i remember taking it VERY seriously....

i love you brother. i miss our cvp days!

i couldn't ask for a better brother! happy birthday forrest!!!! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sweetest birthday announcement ever!
precious! beautiful! oh, i am almost crying!
happy birthday forrest!
lyndsay, bless you!
jay are

1:31 PM  

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