April 07, 2008


have you ever really, really thought about your eyes? the fact that you can SEE is just astonishing!!!!!!!!!! it's a beautiful thing. someone asked me once (in a "would you rather" type way) which sense i would rather lose if i had to lose one. whatever i lost, i would have to keep my vision. i love being able to see things! my favorite quote ever is "there's so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see, but everywhere i go, i'm looking". (rich mullins, "here in america")

my question: if a doctor tells me i don't need glasses, does it make it true? i've worn reading glasses for...wow....ten years.....oh. my. gosh. (lyndsay gathers herself together after the shock of being so old...) i've been at the computer for barely an hour now, and my head already aches, my eyes are already heavy and hard to keep open. when i wear my glasses (which i didn't bring today, btw) these feelings disappear. the doctor tested my vision, but i must have been asleep when she tested me for reading...all i remember was looking at letters on the far wall with her going "which one do you like better? number one? or number two?" (anyone seen brian reagan's sketch on this? i was LITERALLY biting my lip HARD to keep from being hysterical with laughter.....*sigh*) maybe that does test for close-up vision....anyway, she said these feelings i get are symptoms of dry eye, gave me some drops to use, and told me to stop wearing my reading glasses. if i'm wearing them while i'm this young (yes, i know this contradicts my above statement of being old), i'll be unnecessarily dependent on them as i age.

but i need them! eye drops aren't doing squat for me this morning!

in other news, i've been sick for going on three weeks. do i break down and take the antibiotic? i mean, i'm not SICK, but i've got a runny nose and a definite hackhackhack in my chest. but i don't WANT to take the medicine! why doesn't it just go away on its own!?!?!?

happy monday. don't forget that God will supply your every need. :)


Blogger Muddy said...

The reading test of the eye test isnt a part of the what do you see better 1 or 2 thing where they have letters on the wall. The reading test for eyes is where they either hand you something or attach a bar to the front of that eye thingy that has something to read to test your up close vision for reading. Generally they test this after they test your far vision. Hope that helps.

My husband needs just reading glasses, but sees fine far off. I on the other hand am the opposite. I could get reading glasses, but my eye dr said that as long as I am doing fine without them, I dont have to persue it yet. That is how I know it is two different tests that are done to check for it.

I'd see another eye doctor if it bothers you still. Kitty of Andyland

6:29 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

kitty - thanks so much for your feedback. the only tests they did on me were "cover one eye and read these letters - now cover the other." and the "which is better, one or two?" they didn't have me read anything close up....i wondered that while sitting there. wish i had said something - "how can you tell me i don't need reading glasses when you haven't tested me for it?" hmm...

we'll see how these drops help. so far, nuthin. but hopefully they'll work wonders soon!!

9:40 AM  

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